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April 22, 2013

Celebrating Lea Gottlieb: “Lady of the Daisies” @ Design Museum Holon

"Vibrant intense colours. Stunning prints. Magnetic forms," claimed a 1985 advert for the swimwear collection designed by Israel-based company Gottex. Launched by Lea Gottlieb and her husband Armin , the house was extremely successful at the time, having injected a healthy dose of glamour into swimsuits while elevating beachwear to resort statement

1. Lea Gottlieb_Gottex_LAPM

An exhibition that opened a month ago at Design Museum Holon traces back the history of the company and celebrates its founder

Curated by Ayala Raz, "Lady of the Daisies: Homage to the late designer and entrepreneur Lea Gottlieb", features key looks carefully selected from 1,000 designs, together with photographs, films and catalogues

2. Lea Gottlieb_Gottex_LAPM

Born in Hungary in 1918, Gottlieb emigrated to Israel in 1949 after World War לקרוא את המשך הרשומה «

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