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כל מי שמתלונן על גל החום שאנחנו עוברים בימים אלה מוזמן לקרוא פרק בבלוג המצויין של דייב וואקר ( Dave Walker) שמציג צילומים של נשים בלבוש חוף ובבגדי ים בתחילת המאה העשרים

The Library Time Machine

There was a heat wave in 1906 throughout the whole of the British Isles, quite late in the year at the end of August and the early days of September. Edward Linley Sambourne went to the coast as thousands of others did, and with him as usual went his camera.

In temperatures of 90 degrees the wind blowing off the sea must have been refreshing even though it also presented a challenge to these three women who are literally hanging on to their hats. Here are some others with the same difficulty:

Despite the heat holiday makers were wearing their normal clothes with few concessions to the weather.

Even on the beach, where Sambourne is still catching women unawares:

Has he woken this woman from her nap while her friend sleeps on? And caught the two below in another unguarded moment

I think he must be working with the hidden…

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